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2004 News Archive

NOAA Studies Sounds In The Sea
Published 12/30/04  
Over the past decade, increasing scrutiny has been directed toward "anthropogenic" (or human-induced) sound in the oceans because it may interfere with the ability of marine mammals to hear important natural signals...
Read Article on NOAA Magazine Online

Bush Order Gives Oceans Executive Treatment
Published 12/20/04  
President Bush is creating a White House committee to oversee the nation's ocean policies, with plans to improve research, manage fisheries better and regulate pollution caused by boats.
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President’s Oceans Committee, Advisor Is A Positive Step
Published 12/17/04  
The president's new Ocean Action Plan is a step in the right direction; creating a Cabinet-level oceans committee could have a positive impact on ocean management.
Read Article on The Ocean Conservancy

Cloned Gene From Sea Animal May Prove Key In Cancer Drug Development
Published 12/09/04  
Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, and their colleagues have taken a significant step forward in developing a new method to produce drug compounds with potential to treat various types of cancer.
Read Article on Scripps News

Hockey Takes Plunge
Published 11/13/04  
A bizarre three-dimensional merger of shuffleboard, rugby, basketball and scuba diving might be the right way to conceptualize this
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Students Dive Into Veterans Day Assignment
Published 11/11/04  
On Veterans Day, teacher Tom Muilenburg and six of his students spent the holiday diving along a stretch of beach in Carlsbad to collect ocean-bottom data for a research project.
Read Article on North County Times

Grieving Relatives Begin Choosing To Mix Their Loved One's Ashes With Artificial Reef
Published 11/07/04  
The ball helps restore a critical underwater habitat while becoming a living memorial with coral and fish.
Read Article on San Diego Union-Tribune

Underwater Robot Makes History Crossing Gulf Stream
Published 11/05/04  
A small ocean glider named Spray is the first autonomous underwater vehicle, or AUV, to cross the Gulf Stream underwater, proving the viability of self-propelled gliders for long-distance scientific missions and opening new possibilities for studies of the oceans.
Read Article on Scripps News

Valley Of The Seas
Published 10/27/04  
Deep aquatic canyons play an integral role in marine life and disappearing sand.
Read Article on San Diego Union-Tribune

NOAA May Use Future Satellites To Track America's Coastal Waters
Published 10/26/04  
The device, called the Hyperspectral Environment expected to provide critical data to resource managers and researchers studying climate, fisheries, coastal ecology and oceanography.
Read Article on Capitol Reports

Death Of Seal Being Investigated
Published 10/26/04  
Federal authorities are investigating the death of a juvenile harbor seal that was found alive but bleeding from the neck at Children's Pool beach in La Jolla during the weekend.
Read Article on San Diego Union-Tribune

Governor Schwarzenegger Announces 'Ocean Action Plan'
Published 10/18/04  
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today unveiled an ocean protection plan that will set a national standard for the management of ocean and coastal resources...Governor Schwarzenegger said the "action plan" will guide California on its continued course of leading by example in safeguarding the sea.
Read Article on California Resources Agency

Prototyping Cyberinfrastructure For Research And Education Access To Ocean Observatories
Published 09/30/04  
Oceanographers and computer scientists, including those from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, will design cyberinfrastructure to link research institutions on land with several existing or planned ocean observatories off the west coasts of the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Read Article on Scripps News

City Council OKs Joint Use Of La Jolla Children's Pool With Seals
Published 09/14/04  
The San Diego City Council voted Tuesday to move forward with a plan to remove sand from the Children's Pool in La Jolla so people and seals can both use the beach.
Read Article on San Diego Union-Tribune

U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy To Submit Final Report To President Bush On September 20
Published 09/10/04  
Underscoring the urgent need for decisive action on a new national ocean policy, the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy delivered its Final Report, "An Ocean Blueprint for the 21st Century," to the President and Congress on September 20, 2004.
Read Article on U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy

California’s New Marine Patrol Boats Assemble For First Time For Dedication Ceremony, Training
Published 08/19/04  
California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Director Ryan Broddrick today christened the Department’s fleet of five state-of-the-art marine patrol boats...the vessels will enhance the Department’s ability to enforce the laws that protect ocean resources against environmental violations off the 1,100-mile California coast.
Read Article on California Department of Fish & Game

Diver Who Died At La Jolla Shores Is Identified
Published 08/16/04  
A 56-year-old diver who died at La Jolla Shores after being pulled out of the ocean unconscious was identified Monday by the county medical examiner's office.
Read Article on San Diego Union-Tribune

Sea Change
Published 08/05/04  
A local activist group's three-year effort to grow giant kelp appears to be succeeding
Read Article on The Orange County Register

Dive Industry Takes Bite Out Of The Movie 'Open Water'
Published 08/04/04  
Diving Equipment & Marketing Association...responds to the new movie "Open Water."
Read Article on PR Newswire

California Restarts Effort To Create Network Of Marine Reserves
Published 08/03/04  
In a decision cheered by environmentalists and marine biologists, the Schwarzenegger administration has decided to restart plans to create the nation's first network of protected marine reserves off California's coast
Read Article on Monterey Herald

New Guide To The Benefits Of Marine Reserves Published
Published 07/28/04  
The Ocean Conservancy is proud to introduce Marine Reserves: A Guide to Science, Design, and Use...a compelling case for the importance of marine reserves.
Read Article on The Ocean Conservancy

Committee Considers Dredging Children's Pool
Published 06/23/04  
Seals take over area designated for children
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Bomber Crash In '52 May Be TV Show Topic
Published 06/22/04  
Deep-sea diver Steve Donathan made it his mission a few years ago to find and explore the remains of a B-36 bomber that plummeted into the ocean off Mission Beach
Read Article on San Diego Union-Tribune Turns 2!
Published 06/08/04   By Editorial
Announcement of the two year anniversary of
Read Article on

2004 International Coastal Cleanup Set for September 18th
Published 05/24/04  
The International Coastal Cleanup is the world's largest one-day volunteer effort on behalf of the marine environment.
Read Article on The Ocean Conservancy

Two Fishermen Caught With 468 Red Abalone
Published 05/23/04  
Two San Diego-area commercial fishermen have been arrested in Mendocino County in connection with the largest single-day seizure of illegally harvested abalone in state history
Read Article on San Diego Union-Tribune

Hunter Education Week Proclamation kicks off 50th Anniversary, DFG Hosts International Conference
Published 05/19/04  
The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) will highlight Hunter Education Week by hosting the International Hunter Education Association’s conference in San Diego beginning May 22. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the state’s Hunter Education Program.
Read Article on California Department of Fish & Game

Cousteau Comeback
Published 05/18/04  
The new documentary, which is almost complete and awaits a distribution deal in the U.S.
Read Article on

Technion Engineer Clears Up Underwater Photos
Published 05/03/04  
A carefully constructed algorithm and a commonplace camera filter can not only dramatically improve the quality of underwater photography, but may someday save lives as well.
Read Article on Jerusalem Post

Far From A Deal On Seals
Published 04/20/04 officials are considering changes that might allow humans and seals to coexist at La Jolla's Children's Pool
Read Article on San Diego Union-Tribune

Earth Day: Creek to Bay Cleanup a Success
Published 04/12/04  
Approximately 1,500 volunteers, at 28 sites, picked up over 16,500 pounds of trash and 900 pounds of recyclables for a grand total of 17,400 pounds of debris cleared from San Diego’s coastal and inland waterways.
Read Article on I Love a Clean San Diego

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