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Catalina Island, All You Need To Know
by Joe Belanger
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the cover photo of the book Catalina Island, All You Need To Know
Joe Belanger, Cheryl Voewll (Illustrator)

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Catalina Island, All You Need To Know is an all encompassing tour, dive and general interest guide intended to make your trip to the island trouble-free and more interesting. By mixing history with "how to" information, we have provided a mode for the traveler to also learn a bit about Catalina while planning their trip. The book is a perfect backpack tool, allowing the visitor to reference it when needed. Where appropriate, chapters incorporate a quick reference, which provides company name, phone contact information and what page number the corresponding text appears. Very graphically illustrated with color topside and underwater photographs, Catalina Island, All You Need To Know is the perfect travel tool for anyone visiting the island. It is our goal to offer you the best possible information and quality travel reference book in the world. Enjoy it.

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