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The Law Of The Sea Is Finders Keepers
Published 02/26/06  
Divers in Catalina haul in treasure and trash as part of the annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup.
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Local High Schools Compete in Ocean Science Competition at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Published 02/14/06  
On Saturday, Feb. 25, 12 teams from local high schools will convene at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla for Surf Bowl 2006, the one-day regional ocean science competition for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB).
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Encinitas Groups Spar Over Clean-Water Fee
Published 02/02/06  
The proposed clean-water fee that city residents are voting on would cost only $5 a month if approved, but it has whipped up a spirited campaign.
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Marty Snyderman Print Sale To Benefit San Diego Oceans Foundation
Published 01/09/06  
Limited edition prints available to support the SDOF's Ocean in Motion Marine Science Education Program
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Photographer Gets Killer View Of Orca Along Coast
Published 01/05/06  
...unless you are at SeaWorld, it's unlikely you'll spot a killer whale along the coast
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Scuba Divers Release Whale Trapped In Crab-Fishing Gear
Published 12/14/05  
a 50-foot humpback whale entangled in crab-fishing gear near the Farallon Islands
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Scripps Oceanography Marine Ecologist to Receive Prestigious Diving Award NOGI Award will be presented by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences
Published 09/26/05  
Paul Dayton, professor of oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, has been selected as winner of the 2004 NOGI Award, science category, by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS).
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San Diego Council Of Divers, California DFG And Spear Gun Manufacturers Respond To Recent Sea Bass Poaching
Published 05/06/05   By Editorial
The San Diego Council of Divers hopes to turn this unfortunate incident into a learning experience
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Volunteers Spread Across County For Water-Testing Duty
Published 04/30/05  
About 70 people took part Saturday in the San Diego portion of the third annual "California Coastal Snapshot Day," a mass collection of water samples from many waterways in the state.
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Sweeping Cleanup Of Bay Is Ordered
Published 04/30/05  
In a decision with national implications, regional water-pollution authorities yesterday issued the most sweeping sediment cleanup order in the history of San Diego Bay.
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