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Rocks, Rips & Reefs- A Worthwhile San Diego Tradition
Date:06/08/04  By Editorial

Rocks, Rips & Reefs (known as the 3Rs) is a joint effort by the City of San Diego Lifeguard Services and the San Diego Council of Divers to familiarize divers with local San Diego dive sites. Each session of the 3Rs is sponsored by a local dive club and authorities on local diving are usually in attendance. One dive site is presented during the Saturday sessions, which run during the summer months. Check our Event Calendar for dates.

A good diver never stops learning, and learn at Rips, Rocks & Reefs you will!

These are must-go events for anyone interested in diving in San Diego, seasoned divers included. There is no substitute for experience, and the 3Rs provide divers with the opportunity to learn from those who know the local sites best- the local divers and lifeguards. 3Rs participants are briefed on the factors that affect diving; areas covered include a quick lesson in wave dynamics, then site-specific information about rip currents, beach access and how the terrain effects divers. Usually the agenda also includes a few lifeguard stories that are worth showing up for all on their own. Upon completing the program, the hope is that divers will be better equipped to safely enjoy the presented site. What's more, the program is free!

If you're thinking about participating in the 3Rs program, a little preparation is involved. First, realize that being a good swimmer is advised; the agenda includes an in-water portion where divers will often experience a rip current first hand. Skin diving gear is required, meaning mask, fins, snorkel and booties. You should also pack appropriate exposure protection- a 3-5mm wet suit does the job nicely and gloves are suggested. Depending on the site, some climbing and walking may be part of the orientation, so wear suitable shoes. And of course, bring the sunscreen along.

A good diver never stops learning, and learn at Rocks, Rips & Reefs you will!

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