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Marine Room

2000 Spindrift Drive
La Jolla, California 92037

a topside picture of the Marine Room beach and reef
© 2002
The beach at the Marine Room. The reef structure shown continues into the water.

The Marine Room is a shore diving spot located in the La Jolla Shores area of La Jolla California. The Marine Room boasts a lot of neat shallow reef diving, and conditions similar to La Jolla Shores area- relatively small waves, good visibility and less surge This site tends to be less-travelled by divers than the Shores and Cove, presumably because parking is not as convenient and there are no public facilities nearby.

The Marine Room is best known as a good place to see leopard sharks in the early summer months. There is easy access to the Northern section of the shallow reef system that extends southward to the La Jolla Cove. Divers also use this location as an entry point to the La Jolla Submarine Canyon.

History of Marine Room
The beach at the Marine Room is named after the world-class restaurant that was built on its shore. The building was originally built in 1916 as a small inn and restaurant called the Spindrift Inn. The Inn was removed as part of a renovation and the site was reopened as the Marine Room on May 29, 1941. With its rich history, spectacular view of the shore, the Marine Room offers some of the finest dining in San Diego.

General Considerations
Parking in the area is limited, so it is often desirable to arrive early in the morning. Please be respectful of restaurant patrons as you arrive and head toward the beach.

Pay special attention to the bottom composition when you enter the water. If you are walking on sand, be sure to shuffle your feet to avoid stepping on any stingrays. Also, use caution if walking on reefy areas.

Public access to the beach is via a narrow pathway located on the left side of the Marine Room restaurant.

There are no facilities to speak of provided, notably there are no public restrooms, showers or lifeguard services.

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