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Edge of the Canyon

Typical Conditions
Visibility: 15-20
Water Temperature: 56
Surge: 3
Wave Height: 1-3

Marine Life
crabs, stingrays, leopard sharks

General Information
Dive Type: shore
Skill Level: open water
Rating: #2 rating

Meeting Place
On the grass or the beach wall just west of Valecitos Street.

Entry and Exit
Starting at the grass just east of the playground, head west to the beach wall and follow it to where it opens to he beach. Head into the water and be prepared for a usually mild surf entry. Be sure to shuffle your feet so that you do not accidentally step on any stingrays that might be in the area. Put your fins on when water is chest deep.

On exiting, kick in until you are on the outside edge of the surf zone. Stand and remove your fins when you can securely stand on the bottom. Walk in to the shore through the surf, remembering to shuffle your feet.

Dive Procedure
Enter the water at the smaller lifeguard tower 32. Head straight out from the small tower and kick out for about five minutes. Drop down and head west until you reach your desired depth, then turn towards the south and follow that depth along the edge of the canyon.

Once you reach your planned turnaround tank pressure, turn around and follow the edge back to where you hit the canyon, then head back to the shore going east.

Surface when you reach 600 psi.

Special Considerations
This is usually a small surf entry and exit.

The bottom is sand and frequented by stingrays, so be sure to shuffle your feet to avoid stepping on them.

This beach is subject to fairly strong currents, so watch any surfers that may be in the water, noting whether or not they seem to be drifting or paddling frequently to the north or the south.

Emergency Plan
Should a diving related injury occur, follow proper emergency procedures as appropriate. If you are on the surface of the water, be sure to call for help. There is a lifeguard tower directly in front of the dive site, and lifeguards are on duty throughout the day.

Nearest Hospital
UCSD Medical Center

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